The Menu

The food of Puglia is in essence a home-based cuisine based on home cooking, traditionally created by women cooking at home rather than chefs in professional kitchens. It is a cuisine without rules and regulations, based solely on what’s in the family larder, which is then stretched and expanded to feed those who may show up all’improvviso, at the unplanned last minute.

That’s why Baribà Menu has every single day something different to try!

Pugliese cuisine is based on Apulian olive oil, one of the great products of the region. In any given year, Puglia produces as much as two-thirds of all the olive oil in Italy, and while much of it is shipped north, more of it stays right here to be used in Pugliese kitchens.

We are proud to use only 100% extra-virgin olive oil in every single plate we cook and we are happy to give everyone the chance to get our Baribà extra-virgin olive oil, from Puglia to your kitchen.